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Grace is my name. I am 7 years old. I am the most wonderful girl in the world.


These pictures   show    some    family   members    that    I  would    like  to  introduce  you  to. First  in  the  pictures   there’s  Tyler.   He’s  5  years  old.  He  loves  Spiderman,   tickles,  and  other things  like  that.         Next  there’s  Isabella,  but  we  just  call  her Bella.  Any ways,  she  is  3  years  old,  she  loves  baby  dolls  as  you can  see,   and  she  also  she  loves  having  fun. Then there’s my big brother Kian. He is a rocken roller big brother.  There’s also Christian, who is the best big brother you could have.  Then there’s my mom and dad.