The picture on the left is Bella's actual photo.  The one at right is an artisticaly enhanced version, created by her big brother, Christian, who loves to play with digital imaging software on the computer.  

Christian thought it would be cool to put some make up on her, make her lips fuller, show her eyebrows and add more highlights to her hair. By the way, she really does have blond highlights in her hair.  The picture on the left is completely untouched, so you can see that naturally she truly has blond tips!  Anyways, at this point Bella's eyes are still a light grey color. . .  they sometimes look greenish and sometimes look bluish.  (But so far, they haven't turned brown).  Christian thought he would like it if her eyes turn out blue, so that's what he gave her for his artistic rendition.  As for Christian's future career choice, I don't know whether to encourage him to be digital photography editor . . .  or a professional make-up artist!  Either way, he seems to have a very good eye.