Ministry under the bridge


The Man on the Bridge - Part I

The Man on the Bridge - Part 2

My Friends on the Bridge

Our Friends Visit our House

Another Day in my Adventures with Robert

My Little Friends on the Bridge

The Other side of the Bridge

A Wheelchair for Robert

Robert’s Birthday

An Interesting Conversation - Part 1

An Interesting Conversation - Part 2

Robert’s Birthday - twice this Month

Pictures for Ate Dora

Sean, I don’t Want to Die

Angelo’s Cleft Palate

Not just a check up for Angelo

Outside’s fixed, Inside’s Next

We aren’t the Only Ones Expecting

Bible Studies at The Bridge

This Typhoon Takes Getting Used to

SORRY - I’m still adding more to this.  so far i’ve only gotten to list above upto September 2006. Check back later or go to Sean’s blog to find more articles.  SEAN’S BLOG

How it all began - with one man sitting on the railing of a bridge

Below is the short and simple version of the story. It was created as a picture book to share with children in the states.  SCROLL DOWN to browse this concise little book.  If you would like to read the blog articles as each event transpired, click on the links at right.

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