Josiah Elijah 

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Josiah arrived on July 13, 2010, in Glendale, California

The newest little Ransom!

Josiah is now almost one year old and is starting to walk already.  (and as you can see, he is also trying to drive already)

Josiah’s birth announcement.  No, it’s not a real box. It was a card we designed to look like a box. The card itself is only about 5x7 in size. We took a photo of an actual box we  had that was kind of beat up, and used the photo for the outside of the card.

This is the underside of the card where we stuck the mailing label on.  The white spot on the left is just a reflection from the flash when I took this photo of it (the paper is kind of glossy). 

When the card is opened, Voila! You have before you our beautiful sleeping angel.

Yes, we really did lay him down in a box (a brand new, clean one -- not the beat up one we used for the outside of the card). We placed him inside, on top of comforters and blankets, while he slept. Then we carefully placed the packing peanuts all around him and had our talented photographer friend, Trisha Lawson, take this awesome picture.

At right are the details of the shipping label shown on the front of the card.  See if you can decipher the tracking number