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  1. You have to bring your own toilet paper whenever you go out.

  2. You often wish you could have also brought a toilet seat too.

  3. Pink is worn by men and women

  4. “Fresh Milk” comes in a box, is stored at room temperature, and has a shelf-life of six months.

  5. You can go to the pharmacy and buy Tylenol by the piece.  One tablet, two tablets . . . (how bad is your headache today?)

  6. Tomato sauce comes in a pouch.

  7. It’s not uncommon for people to carrying their umbrellas (opened) during completely sunny days.

  8. From the convenience of your drivers seat, you can buy snacks, newspapers, bottled water, pot holders, cell phone chargers, children’s toys, etc. from vendors who walk up to your window while you are stopped in traffic.

  9. A 5 minute stop to the hardware store to purchase 1 lightbulb will take 30 minutes because they have to open the box, install the lightbulb in their store, and test that it works before you take it home.

  10. You can buy chicken heads on a stick on most any sidewalk.

  11. Most people own a cell phone, use it everyday, but never make a call with it.

  12. People buy cigarettes by the stick

  13. If you don’t pay with exact change at a small store, you may have to wait a while as the sales clerk makes his/her way from neighboring store to the next trying to get change to “break” the bill you just handed over.

  14. “Cheese” and “Corn” are among the normal flavors of ice cream.

more to follow soon

Bella’s third birthday happened to land on one of her preschool days (twice a week) so we brought cupcakes to share with her classmates of course!

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