The Ransom Family - Support our ministry


If God has placed it on your heart to partner with us financially, thank you so much.  You may send your donations in through the following ways:

  1. 1.Online via credit card:  

                CLICK HERE to go to GMI’s donation page

  1. 2.By automatic monthly debits from your bank account. 

            Download and print out the attached document and mail it to  

            GMI.  (address on the form).  CLICK HERE TO DOWN LOAD THE    


  1. 3.By sending a check each month  to Grace Ministries International.   

            Please write the check out to GMI and indicate SEAN RANSOM in

            the memo line. Then mail it to the address at right.

Please do SEND US AN EMAIL letting us know of your intention.  We would love to give the Lord thanks over his provision through you.


Pray about your involvement in our ministry



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Sun Valley, CA 91352