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Our STM 2002 Team
From left : baby Grace, Jessica, Sean, Jonathan Cross, behind Jonathan is Patrick Charmichael and next to him is Josh Zeichik with Kian.
In front of Sean is Christian, and kneeling are Jennifer Perlich and Zack LaCom.

Summer Short Term Mission 2003

We served from August 1st through the 18th in Manila and worked with Crossroads Fellowship for the first week, then served at the first anual Shepherd's Conference for Filipino pastors in Calauan. (click here to go directly to photos of The Shepherd's Conference 2003)

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stm 2002 photos
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The man on the right is Loloy, one of the many cabdrivers we shared the gospel with. He prayed to receive Jesus Christ on his second day with us and joined us at church on Sunday (above).

Some of the church members at Crossroads Fellowship Church

The girl in the red shirt at right is a Missionary Kid who grew up in the Philippines. Her family serves at the Word of Life Camp which is where this picture was taken. She shared with Kian how thankful and glad she was to have been raised as a missionary kid and spoke at lenth to explain the many ways in which missionary life had been a blessing to her. What a testimony for Kian to hear!

We celebrated Jen's birthday at the airport on the way home. Because we gained a day going back, her birthday actually ended up being 36 hours long!

We ministered at an orphanage

Jen and Zach rehearse for worship

We ministered at a resource center for the blind

Yes- with 18 days there, you bet we're going to take advantage of one day to go site seeing! We took with us our ministry hosts: Helen Liu as well as Pastor Roderick and his family.

This is most of the 100+ pastors and ministry
leaders who attended the Shepherd's Conference 2003.

We visited a community called Payatas - which is a squatter's village located at a major dumpsite.

The kid on the left his doing cartwheels over refuse. The mountain in the background is the dump - it is a mountain of trash. There are hundreds of homes located right here. In fact, just a couple of years ago, there was a tragic landslide of the refuse, and many homes were buried.

Here are more photos from our time visiting that community.

This is a small group bible study held at the workplace of the Santiago family. These are workers from his company and many of them have recently put their faith in Jesus Christ.

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