There are many signs here in Manila that just cause us to chuckle, either because of the poor translation into English or because they are just unusual signs we would not ordinarily see in the US.


For example, this one seen on a major highway .

Bet you haven’t come across any banners like THIS ONE in the U.S.!  By the way, this is equivalent to only $17 USD . . . quite a bargain really!)

We were on a long drive and getting hungry, so we kept our eyes open for any signs of a restaurant.   We saw this one at below, and though tempting as it was, we just kept driving.

Before entering any bank, it is a good idea to leave your weapons at home.  But if you do happen to bring your gun, you can at least have the guard watch it for you while you do your banking.

We ran across this sign on our way to Bagiuo (about six hours from home). It seems it must work, because I am happy to report that we did not get hijacked either on the way to or on the way home from Bagiuo!

Would you believe that only a few yards from this sign, there WAS a car parked on the sidewalk??

Would you take the parking space that is in front of this sign?  We did.  After all, it’s just a more direct way of saying what we already often see in the states: “Park at your own risk”.

Good thing we only park on one side a time!

We took the above photo at the immigration department, in the fingerprinting section.

This is the wall it was posted on.