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The flood water still has not receded in many parts of Metro Manila.   Our friend, Nelfa, 9 months pregnant, said that there were no tricycles to her house because the water on the roads was still thigh high.  She had to walk through the muddy water for many blocks . . . and it smelled horrible.   Once inside, she saw that none of the drains in her house worked. Flushing the toilet did nothing, as water would come right back up.  This means that all the sewage was just mixed in with the water in the streets.  That explained the smell.  It also means that PEOPLE SHOULD NOT LIVE THERE. And yet many have returned to their homes for lack of any place else to go.  One of our pastor’s announced in church that a family lost their infant, when in the middle of the night while they slept, the child rolled off the bed and drowned as it fell into the water in their home.