ondoy - day 3. sunny skies and bags of rice

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(posted by Jess)

On Monday morning, we had power for a short while, but it turned off again by about 8:00 am.

After breakfast, we ventured out into our neighborhood to explore.  Our home is on higher ground, so we thankfully didn’t suffer any flooding in our house.  But what kind of damage had the typhoon caused outside?

Some parts of the hillsides nearby started to slide.  There were lots of felled trees, and mounds of dirt on the road. About a mile from our house is a lower section of road where there is a river running underneath that completely swelled during the storm, surging with so great a force that  it not only flooded that section of road, but also lifted a vehicle (abandoned by its driver) and pushed it through the fence of a golf course, knocking the fence over and sending the SUV  tumbling onto the fairways. 


We went to the grocery store to stock up on batteries, canned goods, etc. . .  as well as to buy food for our friends at the bridge.  Many of their homes (five at last we heard) had washed down the river. 

The grocery store was a

madhouse!  Lines were the

longest I have seen. But we

were able to buy 75 kilos of rice

and other food to give

to our friends.  Sean and our

older boys, Kian and Christian

divided them into individual

bags for distributing.

Unfortunately, the traffic was so bad again

Monday that Sean and the boys had to turn

back after heading out to the bridge.  Sean

ended up dropping the food off early Tuesday

morning (5:00 am!) on his way to Batangas

Port for a conference in Mindoro.


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