ondoy - Day 4 & 5.  cleaning out the mud.

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Day 4 & 5
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   [posted by Jess]                                                                      

                                                                            Tuesday morning I woke up to the sound of

                                                                            birds chirping. The sky was blue and the sun

                                                                            shone brightly . . . but the world below was

                                                                            covered in mud.  The clean up would 

                                                                            seem impossible. Many homes had been

                                                                            filled nearly to their ceilings with rushing muddy

                                                                            waters, and now thick layers of mud still clung

                                                                            to walls, floors, cars and  belongings, adding

                                                                            to the stress and dismay of those who already

                                                                            lost so much.

With school closed an extra day,

I took our teenage boys and a few

of their friends to help where we

could.  We had heard about

Riverside Village, one of the harder

hit areas.  For them, the problem

was much worse than mud.   A

factory in a nearby town sustained

damage to a storage tank of oil,

spilling it all out into the water

which flowed through Riverside..

As we ventured through town,  it was not hard to imagine that the street we were driving on had

been a raging river a few days earlier.  The evidence was everywhere.


                                                                            At left,  a car that had been carried by the flood is

                                                                            smashed against a pole.


At right, piles of debris covered the sidewalks,

items that had once lined shelves of the stores

and businesses on this main road.

Below, we see part of a worker on the left side

(wearing orange). He is laying out important

documents to dry in front of a local Bank.

A week ago

these were

shiny new

bicycles for sale


why they didn’t

wash away? 

Because the

bikes were

actually INSIDE

the store at the

time. Even being

indoors wasn’t

enough to avoid

this mud.

Just outside Riverside Village, people waited in long lines for relief goods, carrying their umbrellas to shield them from the sun. We asked one lady later on how long she had been waiting. “Five hours !” she replied, and she still had a ways to go.


                                                                             Then we began to see the oil. 

                                                                             Lots and lots of  oil.

                                                                             It coated the walls, plants, and cars.

                                                                             You can tell how high the water level had been

                                                                             by the horizontal bars of dark brown muck. The   

                                                                             water level at the town home below was roughly

                                                                             12 feet deep. Good thing these families here had

                                                                             second floors.



                                                                                            Vehicles did not escape.

It’s heartbreaking to see this little guy, but

the good news is that he survived!                                                                                         

Wiper fluid alone won’t do the trick here.

Inside, mud that had entered despite

locked windows and doors remained long

after the water had disappeared.

                           Yes, that IS water you see

                        in this headlight, and it’s now

                        the third day after the flooding.



                                                                                                One family started to clean their car    

                                                                                                but then stopped.  Perhaps they

                                                                                                will wait to see if it will even 

                                                                                                start first. Apparently, there Have been

                                                                                                a few cars so far that started up after

                                                                                                a good engine cleaning. Though  it 

                                                                                                seems a great many are wasted.

                                                                                                We parked and visited the homes of

                                                                                                some fellow missionaries in the area. 

                                                                                                First The Sacks, then The Bells, and

                                                                                                finally the house of Mrs. Tully.


                                                                                           When we arrived, other kids and

                                                                                          missionaries from Faith Academy were

                                                                                          already there, shoveling out mud from the

                                                                                          house. They had removed all the furniture

                                                                                          and put them in the yard.

The sight inside the home was unbelievable.  We are so thankful to the Lord that Mrs. Tully was

not home during the storm and happened to be at a missions retreat about 2 hours away. Hers

is a SINGLE STORY HOUSE, and I dare not think what would have happened had she been home.

                                                                        Our missionary kids quickly went to work. Our

                                                                        God is so awesome - He moves His people to

                                                                        accomplish His will for His purpose. How blessed I

                                                                        was to be there.

Work continued through the next day

(Day 5, Wednesday) when we heard school

was canceled again.

                                                                          After these first two days, there has been

                                                                          much progress! However . . . Mrs. Tully has lost

                                                                          pretty much everything else!  She will need to re-buy

                                                                          her clothing, appliances, furniture . . . etc.

We are trying to clean and salvage as

much as we can, but she will need a lot

of prayer from God’s people.

And Mrs. Tully is just one of many.

                                                                            Will you PLEASE PRAY for the following missionary

                                                                            families who need to replace a lot, if not  most, of

                                                                            their things:  In Riverside: Mrs. Tully, The Sacks,

                                                                            The Bells, The Milliers, The Jordans, The Bhenkens.

                                                                             In Town and Country: The Millers and The Jo’s. In

                                                                             Marikina:  The Neiblings. In Brookside: The Kuikens,

                                                                             The Ruiz’s, The Sparks, The Malessa’s.  (these are

                                                                             the families I know of so far).  We ‘ve also heard

                                                                            of many of our students being affected, pastors

                                                                            and their families have lost all their things.


PRAY FOR THE THOUSANDS OF OTHERS IN THIS COUNTRY WHO WILL NEED TO REBUILD THEIR LIVES.  They have lost homes, loved ones, and peace for a while to come.  May they find hope in our all powerful God.

After a day of grime and debris, this is what I found lying on our bed when I got home.

Our little sleeping beauty.

Isabella had been playing

dress up in her hand-me-down

Princess costume and decided

to take a nap in it. 

Ahhh . . .how refreshing it is

to be home.  What a stark

reminder of how incredibly

blessed our family is . . .

when countless others have

lost so unbelievably much. 

Truly we don’t deserve such


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