Ondoy - day 6.  He didn’t know what to expect.

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When Tom Hardeman, the Superintendent of Faith Academy (a school  here in The Philippines that’s primarily for missionary kids), sent out the email asking for volunteers to help flood victims . . .  he was hoping that at least a few would show up.  Who would have thought that God would bring more than 200 missionary kids, teachers, parents and staff to campus that morning, some with tools in hand, ready to serve the community in the name of Christ ?

Please CLICK HERE to view all the pictures from this effort.

Each came prepared to give it all they’ve got in whatever role they would be assigned.

They assembled into teams (Christian is shown here,

front and center, with his middle school buddies) . . .

Others stayed right on campus and set up an assembly line to prepare boxes of relief goods such as canned food, rice, bottled water and many other daily necessities.

God provided the funds to purchase a ton of rice. Literally, A TON OF RICE. (Not all shown here, of course)

Many teams served by helping to shovel out mud, scrub walls, and try to clean some of the belongings in the homes that

had gotten filled with mud and oil.

Other teams served in the depressed areas, delivering clean drinking water and clearing out mud.

These teens are cleaning the road hoping to create better drainage for the next storm.  Mud and litter often clog the drains and sewers, making problems worse during storms.

Some went to help a local church, Sumulong Baptist, prepare hundreds of meals to deliver to flood victims

. . . then piled into vehicles (filling up nearly 20 cars),

     and headed into various parts of the community