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The Philippines is probably the most affordable overseas mission trips available.  For a two week trip, team members can get by on about $30-$35 per day, including lodging, meals, and local tranpsportation. Airfare varies depending on the season, but is typically about $1000 from the US (though we have had a few teams find round trip tickets for as low as $700 each).  Generally, you can expect the whole trip per member to cost about $1500 total.

There are so many ways in which God can use your short term team to minister here in Manila.   From hospital visitations, prison ministries, street evangelism, ministry to orphans and the homeless . . . to special events such as teaching seminars, music outreaches, and large scale bible conferences, etc.  Just tell us the areas God has gifted your team in and we will show you how your team can make an impact to further God's kingdom.

English is one of the two official languages of the Philippines, is taught in all the schools,  and is commonly spoken in the main cities (which is where your team will likely be serving).  This makes it possible to share the gospel at any time without needing a translator - especially when we do street evangelism in the city. 

Filipinos absolutely LOVE Americans (for whatever reason).  They really admire and look up to westerners, automatically giving them respect just by virtue of their nationality. This means that they are usually ready to hear what we have to share. On top of this, the culture in general is very friendly and respectful.  Even if they have something else to do or some place to go, they will politely listen and talk with you until you have finished sharing.

Okay, we can't guarantee that no one on your team will experience culture shock.  After all, the poverty is staggering, the humidity is stiffling, the polution is overwhelming, the traffic is horendous, and the food is, well, quite different.  (Still want to come?)  However, when you are convinced that the Lord wants you to be here, none of the above matters so much, and you instead begin to see all the positives.  You see how kind and respectful the people are. You appreciate the new culture and the opportunity before you. You see how people are blessed by your being here. You see God's hand on you and those around you as you serve, and you begin to realize that 2 weeks is really a short time, and why aren't you staying longer?  The culture shock is easy when you are convinced the Lord has called you here.

For those times when culture shock does start to creep in, however, one thing that really helps is the fact that Manila is a highly developed metropolitan city.  This means that there are many establishments here that are straight from the U.S., such as McDonalds, KFC, Kenny Rogers, and even TGIF and Chilis restaurants!    After ministering all day in a very depressed area, it is often a comfort and relief to drive
less than 15 minutes and see a familiar Burger King, or Starbucks
around the corner. 

Filipinos are generally very open to the gospel.  This is because the majority of them are Catholic. They understand the Christian faith and agree with all that the bible says.  The  problem is that many do not really know WHAT the bible says . . . particularly about salvation.  Most of them rely on their works, and their "goodness" to earn their way into heaven.  It is just a matter of explaining to them the Ephesians 2: 8 & 9 passage about how we are saved by grace alone through faith, and not by works.  Many do not really understand why Jesus had to die on the cross for us.


So what makes the Philippines such a great place for a Short Term Mission Trip?