My name is
Christian Ransom
I am 9 years old.
I live in the
Philippines in
Antipolo. I was
born in 1995 my
birthday is on
Nov, 30. I was
born in the U.S.

This is when I went to caliraya and there was a slip and slide. Caliraya
was really fun! I liked it a lot because of the slip and slide and the
tennis. There where a lot of games but those were my favorite.
This is my school Fath Acadamy.It is the best
school I have ben to.The thing I like the most
about it has good teachers and friends.
This is me and my
brothers.The one holding
tyler is Kian he is 12.Tyler
is all most 1.
This is my family
Please look at my artwork. I made it all on the
computer using PAINT. You can click on the
picture to the right or any of the pages below.