Our Ministry & vision


Our vision is to expand the kingdom of God by equipping Filipino national pastors and ministry leaders to accurately teach God’s Word throughout the country and into other nations.


Our Vision

Training National Pastors and ministers

Our Training Center in The Philippines is called The Expositor’s Academy and is part of The Master’s Academy International,  an association of schools committed to the training of church leaders within the context of their own country and culture to enable them to accurately handle God’s Word and lead their church in the joyful pursuit of following Jesus Christ.  Each of the Training Centers around the world is founded by two graduates from The Master’s Seminary, whose president is John MacArthur.  Sean is blessed to have had the privilege of being one of the founders here in The Philippines, having graduated from The Master’s Seminary in May of 2002.   Our classes are held at several venues in Metro Manila, thanks to key church partners like Greenhills Christian Fellowship, Christ‘s Commission Fellowship, and Church of the Triumphant Christ.

Ministry to the poor

Although the focus of our ministry is training pastors, once you visit The Philippines and look around, you’ll quickly notice that the opportunities to help others here are overwhelming. We are compelled to reach out in the name of Christ.  CLICK HERE to read about how God enabled us to start a ministry to a group of families living under a bridge. 

2009 - Module in Cebu (with Felix Ballon, Allan and Sandi Luciano)http://ransomreport.com/AllPhotoAlbums/Cebu-Jan09.html
2008 Conference  with Steve Wheeler Doug Bookman, & Luis Pantojahttp://ransomreport.com/AllPhotoAlbums/Conference2008.html
2009 - Module in Palawan (with Weymann Lee)http://ransomreport.com/AllPhotoAlbums/Palawan-June09.html
2009 - Module in Batangas (with Vincent Greene)http://ransomreport.com/AllPhotoAlbums/Batangas-July09.html
STM 2006 - Petra Conference with Alex Montoya, & Scott Ardavanishttp://ransomreport.com/PetraTeam2006.htmlhttp://ransomreport.com/PetraTeam2006.htmlhttp://ransomreport.com/PetraTeam2006.htmlhttp://ransomreport.com/PetraTeam2006.htmlhttp://ransomreport.com/PetraTeam2006.htmlshapeimage_21_link_0shapeimage_21_link_1shapeimage_21_link_2shapeimage_21_link_3
Weekly Classes at Greenhills Christian Fellowshiphttp://ransomreport.com/AllPhotoAlbums/Classes-GCFMain.html
2009 Conference with Chris Chia, Ben Brown, Roger Ng & Luis Pantojahttp://ransomreport.com/AllPhotoAlbums/Petra-2009.html
Weekly Classes at Christ Commission Fellowship, Alabang & Cavitehttp://ransomreport.com/AllPhotoAlbums/Classes-CCFAlabang.html
Weekly Classes 
at Church of The Triumphant Christhttp://ransomreport.com/AllPhotoAlbums/Classes-CTTC.html

About us

sean ransom

Jessica ransom

Pastor Sean Ransom has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Ministries from The Master’s College in Valencia, and a Master of Divinity from The Master’s Seminary in Sun Valley, California.  He is currently working on his Doctorate of Ministry from Talbot Seminary.  Sean and his wife Jessica, along with their five children have been serving in The Philippines  since 2004.  Prior to that, Sean was active in ministry for many years at Shepherd’s Community Church in California (now re-named The Bridge Bible Fellowship), where he served as Associate Pastor ministering to college and young adults. His passion for ministry was evident even 20 years ago  while he was still working  as an Electronic Technician at Hughes Aircraft. His coworkers often jokingly called him Reverend Ransom because he was always sharing about Christ. Little did anyone know at the time, that God would indeed call Sean to full time ministry a few years later.

Sean’s wife of 20 years, Jessica’s primary ministry is her  husband and family.  She supports Sean in administrative work  (such as managing this website) and enjoys being a student herself in some of his weekly classes. She has had the privilege of speaking for the ladies’ sessions at the last annual conference and currently disciples younger women. Her ministry also includes working part time in the Personnel Department at Faith Academy where the Ransom children attend school.

TMAI Philippines - Schedule 2010

Venue: GCF Ortigas

    January - Feb 2010: finish Preaching Class

    March 22 - June: Theology Class


Venue: CCF Alabang

    January - May: Continue Old Testament    



Venue: CTC in Cainta

    January - February: Finish Hermeneutics

    March - May: Preaching Class   

Travel & Conference Schedule:

February 18 - March 8th

    Sean in California for TMAI Symposium

    then for 2010 Shepherd’s Conference

May 24th - 27th

    One Week Module in Tanay: Hermeneutics

June 1-3rd Purpose & Passion Conference

    with Dr. Rick Holland

June 7th - August 24th

    California for Short Home Assignment and

    GMI missions Conference

October - Tentative Schedule of Conference with Jonathan Rourke